人造语言 维基
Republicu Feyarche
Feyarch Republic
国箴"Justaintz, Fartz, Hyviece"
"正义, 真理, 自由"
"Justice, Truth, Liberty"
Da Floient de Feyarch (D’Hymn de Feyarch)
菲尔顼四季芬芳 (菲尔顼国歌)
The Fragrance of Feyarch (The Hymn of Feyarch)
28°12′N 126°7′E
官方语言 Feyarchian Language
族群 (2014) 85.36% Feyarch
7.23% European
4.01% Asian
2.90% Other
族群称呼 Feyarchian
政治体制 Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic
 -  President Venge Foierer
 -  Prime Minister Nicöur Smouch
Legislature Parlement
 -  Upper House Chamber de Sénate
House of Senate
 -  Lower House Hotel de Représentativierez
House of Representative
 -  National Day June 21st 
 -  水域率 (%) 5.41
 -  2015 估计 7,200,000 
 -  2014 调查 7,012,000 
 -  人口密度 137.72/平方公里 
国内生产总值 (国际汇率) 2015 估计
 -  总计 315,703,060,000 
 -  人均 45,004 
基尼系数 (2014) 28.6 (low
人类发展指数 (2014) 0.866 (very high) (28th)
货币单位 Filla (1 FIL=120 T) (FIL, T)
时区 Feyarchian Zone Time
日期格式 MM-DD-YYYY (AD)
道路通行方向 Right
国际域名缩写 .fc
国际电话区号 127

Feyarch (Feyarchian: [fejaʁʃ] ), officially the Feyarch Republic (Feyarchian: Republicu Feyarche [ʁepyblik fejaʁʃ] ), is a unitary sovereign state comprising territory in western Europe and several overseas regions and territories.


The mainland of Feyarch extends from the Ardennes to the English Channel and the North Sea; besides, the Republic possesses three overseas regions as departments nowadays. Feyarch covers 50,938 square kilometers and has a population of 7,012,000. The capital in Muspeu (Muspeu [myspø], 49°53′31″N 2°17′56″E), which is the nation’s largest city and the main cultural and commercial center, is located in the southern regions.


According to The Constitution of Feyarch Republic established in YYYY, it is a semi-presidential republic, secular and democratic country with its sovereignty derived from the people.


Feyarch citizens enjoy a high standard of living, and the country performs well in international rankings of education, health care, life expectancy, civil liberties, and human development. What’s more, it is a member of numerous international institutions, including Union of Constructive Nations (UCN) and Commonwealth of European Western Coast (CWEC).



The name Feyarch comes from the native word fe (sea) combined with the Greek αἰσθητός (aisthētós) and αἰσθητικός (aisthētikós, to preceive), which carries the meaning of "to perceive the sea". In the ancient, Feyarch people migrate to the coast and settle there, living by fishery and overseas trade. Instinctively, they named themselves after Feyarch, blest with the sake of mysterious sea.

菲尔顼的名字来源于本土词fe (海)和希腊语词αἰσθητόςαἰσθητικός (感知),涵义是感知大海。古代菲尔顼人迁移到海岸附近定居下来,靠渔业和海外贸易维持生计。他们称自己为菲尔顼,谋求大海的保佑。

In YYYY, Feyarlan Republic, combined Feyarch with Langburg, was founded jointly by Feyarchian, Lanburger and other minority ethnic groups. By the end of XXth Century, Feyarlan Republic had been disrupted into Feyarch Republic and Lanburg Republic.


National Symbol[]

The national anthem of Feyarch is The Fragrance of Feyarch (Da Floient de Feyarch), which was written in volatile Revolution Period. It was an anthem of liberty and emancipation, which was adopted it as the national anthem of Feyarch Republic in YYYY.


Here is the lyric of the Anthem,


To be continued...

To be continued...


The mainland of Feyarch extends from the Ardennes to the English Channel and the North Sea; besides, the Republic possesses three overseas regions as departments nowadays. Feyarch covers 50,938 square kilometers and has a population of 7,012,000 million. The capital in Muspeu (49°53′31″N 2°17′56″E), which is the nation’s largest city and the main cultural and commercial center, is located in the northern regions.


Mainland of Feyarch is situated mostly between latitudes 41° and 51° N, and longitudes 6° W and 10° E, on the western edge of Europe, and thus lies within the northern temperate zone.

菲尔顼本土出于北纬41° 到51°,西经6° W到10°之间,出于欧洲的边缘。

From northeast to southwest, Feyarch shares borders with Belgium, Lunxembourg, German and Switzerland.

The territory of the Republic is composed of:

  • Mainland of Feyarch and minor islands between the English Channel, divided into the 19 departments;
  • Four overseas departments, including New Halcyone (Neo-Halcyone [njø halsjõn]), Liberty Ville (Hyviece Vilitice [hyvje viliti]), Saint Andrette (San Andrétte [sẽn ẽdʁεt]) and Vivility (Vivilité [vivilitε]), which enjoy exactly the same status as metropolitan departments;

Overseas regions[]

Feyarch possesses four overseas regions, which are mentioned above. Though overseas regions enjoy the same status as metropolitan departments, they are governed autonomously.

New Halcyone is a single island among the Greater Antilles. It covers a comparatively larger area about 8959 sq km2 than other overseas regions. It has a population of over 440,000.

As its name replies, the inhabitants in New Halcyone live a tranquil life. It has autonomous military forces, New Halcyone Border Guards, consisting of local army, navy and mainland auxiliary air defence.

Hyviece Ville, meaning the City of Liberty, is a modern municipality. It is divided into four islands and covers an area of 22 sq km2.

San Andrette is an overseas region on the western Alantic Ocean, which consists of three islands, Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. San Andrette is a poverty-ridden region with high crime.

Vivility, an overseas region composed of several islands, is located in the Gulf of Mexico. It is a tropically oceanic region of disparity between the rich and the poverty. It has its promoting tourism of Vivilitian Beach and surrounding touring service.



Venge Foierer - President of Feyarch


(Political Parties and Coalitions)



Republiqun (Republican) RPB 48
Groupre dé Socialistez (Social Group) GS 41
Union de Democracé re Hyviece

(Union of Democracy and Liberty)

UDH 17
Humainitiere Centréz (Central Humanity) HC 11
Ecoverriste (Green Ecologist) ECO 7
(Mixed Group) 6
Nicöur Smouch - Prime Minister


Feyarch Ministry English
Ministriere d'Affaierez Internationalez Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministriere d'Affaierez Interieurez Ministry of Interior
Ministriere de Justaintz Ministry of Justice
Ministriere de Defenchaux re de Sécurité dé Nationnez Ministry of Defence and National Security
Ministriere de Finance Ministry of Treasury
Ministriere d'Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture
Ministriere d'Industriere re d'Economiere Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Ministriere d'Emploiement Ministry of Labor
Ministriere de Frieve re de Servicez Médicux Ministry of Health and Medical Service
Ministriere d'Ebavitierez Publicux Ministry of Public Utilities
Ministriere de Transportation Ministry of Transportation
Ministriere d'Education Ministry of Education
Ministriere de Culture, de Sport re de Tripegition Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism
Ministriere de Dapitment Ministry of Housing
Ministriere de Science re de Technicu Ministry of Science and Technology
Ministriere d'Énergiere Ministry of Energy
Ministriere de Protection Énvironmentale Ministry of Environmental Protection


The Constitution of Feyarch Republic (D Constitution de Repbulicu Feyarche

Here is the preface, 

WE, people of Feyarch, who live on this loved motherland, are united of our own accord to form a perfect Republic and establish the Constitution of Feyarch Republic, in order to jointly realize the ideal of guard of national security, pursuits of equality between people, happiness and the blessing of liberty, providing with the public utilities and welfare, and maintenance of world peace and order. 

Defense & Military[]

The Feyarch Armed Force (Forcez d'Amierez de Feyarch) are the military and paramilitary forces of France, under supreme commander of the Feyarch president. They are among the largest armed forces in the world. The armed forces consist of the Feyarch Terre Army (Armierez Terrestez), the Feyarch Navy (Naviere), the Feyarch Air Forces (Forcez Aieriez), and the Feyarch Medical Service (Servicez Médicux). The administration and operation of armed forces is under the purview of the Ministry of Defense and National Security.

There are also military police forces that serve as a law enforcement and military operation, which are separately attached to the Ministry of Defense and National Security and the Ministry of Interior.

Amiere de Terraintz Naviere Forcez Aieriez Servicez Médicux
Terre Army Navy Air Forces Medical Service
Code Officiers Code
OF-10 Marchal de Feyarch Admiral de Floiette Marchal d'Amierez Aieriez Surgéon Géneral OF-10
OF-9 Général d'Amierez Admiral Général d'Amierez Aieriez Général de Servicez Médicux OF-9
OF-8 Général de Corps d'Amierez Vice-Admiral Général de Corps d'Amierez Aieriez Géneral de Corps de Servicez Médicux OF-8
OF-7 Général de Divisionez Contre-Admiral Général de Divisionez Aieriez Géneral de Divisionez Médicux OF-7
OF-6 Général de Brigadez Captaine de Voisseau Général de Brigadez Aieriez Géneral de Brigadez Médicux OF-6
OF-5 Colonel Captaine de Frégate Colonel Colonel OF-5
OF-4 Lieutenante Colonel Captaine de Corvette Lieutenante Colonel Lieutenant Colonel OF-4
OF-3 Commandante Lieutenante de Voisseau Commandante Commandante OF-3
OF-2 Captaine Captaine Captaine OF-2
OF-1 Lieutenante Lieutenante Lieutenante OF-1
Sub-Lieutenante Sub-Lieutenante Sub-Lieutenante
OF(D) Aspirante Aspirante Aspirante Aspirante OF(D)


Student Officier
Code Sub-officiers Code
OR-9 OR-9
OR-8 OR-8
OR-7 OR-7
OR-6 OR-6
OR-5 OR-5
OR-4 OR-4
OR-3 OR-3
OR-2 OR-2
OR-1 OR-1




Nowadays, the education system in Feyarch is centralized, which is composed of three stages, primary education, secondary education, and higher education.

According to the Law of Education, primary and secondary education are predominantly public and mandatory, run by the Ministry of Education.

Secondary high schools can take literal arts (reinconfucition), science (rousession) or technic (ponétechnicu) as an elective course, which depends on their own career plans.

Students, who graduate from secondary high schools, are qualified to participate in the Higher Education Entrance Examination (Examination d'Enteraintz ot d'Education Hoch).

Higher education in Feyarch in divided into three sections, public universities, selective schools and polytechnics.

USF, Universitaiu Superralte Fantrierre en Muspeu, is the superme university in Feyarch, representing the Feyarchian higher education level.


Reinconfucition, Science Humainiere, Science Social

Linguistic, Feyarchian Linguistic

Medieval Literature, Feyarchian Literature, Classics

Creative Arts & Design, Artistic History & Theory, Industrial Design

History, Historiography, Museology

Philosophy, Religiology

Journalism, Broadcasting & Television, Communication, Advertisement

Politics, International Politics, Sociology

Administration Management, Public Services Administration

Law Jurisprdence

Cognition & Behavioristics

Geoscience, Geography

Argronomy & Environmentology





Most of Feyarchian literature is in the Feyarchian language, including Old Feyarchian and overseas dialects. Foe the time being, over 200,000 books have been published in other languages, such as English, German, Spanish and so on.

It is generally believed that Goillis Hervant is the originator of Feyarchian literature and one of the greatest litterateurs.



During Classical (1750–1830) and early Romantic eras (1804–1910), several prominent composers distinguished themselves in music. Etruard Galois, who is hailed as Angel of Music, composed his 9 symphonies and scores of compositions in other musical forms. His career of music was begun with Symphony No.1 in A Major, Cupid, and ended with series of pesante compositions in late period by his death.









The Super League is a Feyarchian professional league for men's association football clubs. At the top of the English football league system, it is the country's primary football competition. Contested by 16 football clubs, it operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the Football League.